POPPA New York

Since 2008, Mike Dyer has been a Peer Support Officer in POPPA,  Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance.  Started in 1995 when 26 officers had committed suicide within two years, POPPA’s motto is, "They listen, talk, and assist their fellow officer, when required, in securing the right professional services."  http://poppanewyork.org  

Cops and Their Rights

When you put up your right hand and took the oath of office as a cop to protect and serve, you did not surrender your rights as a citizen.  You have the same rights as every other worker in the event you get injured on the job.  A line of duty injury is not part of the job.  Your department, like any other employer is responsible for providing work comp benefits.  Generally, if you are injured in the course and scope of employment, even if you cause your own injury, work comp benefits will apply.  These work comp benefits are statutory.

Cops & Their Personal Injury Rights

Mike Dyer, Attorney At Law and retired NYPD himself, speaks to law enforcement officers about personal injury law and their legal rights and procedures if they are injured in the course of their duty. Mike combines his personal perspectives as an NYPD officer for 4 years  and trained attorney for over 25 years having represented hundreds of injured cops, their families and their survivors  as he explains options and resources available to cops regarding personal injury, insurance and the law.