Brotherhood for the Fallen

Whenever possible I make it a point to represent the profession of Law Enforcement at the funerals for officers who have died in the line of duty. It shows a level of respect and appreciation for service of individuals that goes beyond the local force and community. A year or so ago, I attended a funeral and learned about the Brotherhood for the Fallen.  

On Duty MVA

A cop receives months of academy training to do their job and protect the public but very little time is spent to protect that cop and their family from an injury.  A cop is out on the road at the worst of times.  Road patrol continues during snow and rain storms, at night when the drunk drivers are out, and at accident scenes when the red lights of a cruiser turn the patrol car into a magnet for people not paying attention.

Car Stops - The Need to Wear a Seatbelt

We all know that cops are not legally required to wear seatbelts while on duty, for some very good reasons.  We also know that a car stop can get ugly very quick.  However, sometimes it makes sense to put your seatbelt back on when you return to the cruiser to do paperwork.